GENIUS – 별바다 (Sea of Stars) (2018) 9

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 9

Track List:
1. 너나 나나 (All You And Me) (Video #1) (Video #2 – Footage from their last show)
2. Dream In The Dream
3. 2226
4. Retard Fuck Tomorrow
5. It’s Great
6. Of June
7. Yell To The Zoo
8. 그 밤 그 길 (The Night The Way)
9. They Were Good
10. Mamo

Saw this band 10 years ago while teaching English in Busan, South Korea. At the time, I was seeking out local punk and metal groups and stumbled upon these guys. I was blown away and went to see them every opportunity I got. They were called Mamason at that time and I bought their first album. It’s still one of my favourite souvenirs from that time in my life. Saddened to hear that this might be their last album.

Grungy DIY basement punk with humorous lyrics that are at once innocently simple and poetically profound at the same time.

“Hey dear brothers and sisters / Today I don’t wanna take it / Don’t make me a bird / Don’t make me an ashtray

Favourite tracks: “2226” & “Yell To The Zoo”

Definitely check out and support them here.

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