Biipiigwan – Something for Everyone; Nothing for Anyone (2013) 8.1

Genre: Sludge Metal
Rating: 8.1

Track list:
1. Man 04:09
2. Nishkaak 03:54
3. Democrazy and Syphilization 03:46
4. Shkweyaang 05:03
5. Serf USA 07:04
6. Descamisados 03:03
7. Naamindizo 03:48
8. Blackrobe 03:49

It’s an angry, chunky, awesome record. I’m pretty sure Biipiigwan means ‘war whistle’ and, like a war whistle, this record is the sound for an attack on your senses. This heavy offering by Biipiigwan is partly written in Ojibwe , and if you’re interested in Ojibwe language you can take lessons from singer/guitarist, Musqwaunquot, on Youtube. Enjoy and purchase here.

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