A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service (2016) 9

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 9

Track List:
1. The Space Program 5:40
2. We the People…. 2:52
3. Whateva Will Be 2:52
4. Solid Wall of Sound 3:43
5. Dis Generation 3:33
6. Kids… 3:48
7. Melatonin 4:44
8. Enough!! 3:20
9. Mobius 2:51
10. Black Spasmodic 3:03
11. The Killing Season 2:43
12. Lost Somebody 4:18
13. Movin Backwards 4:41
14. Conrad Tokyo 3:31
15. Ego 3:17
16. The Donald 5:22

Classic Tribe in 2016? Fuck yeah!, except where is Ali? Too busy? Whatever, the beats are loose and playful AND on point. The rhymes are really good, simultaneously political, angry, playful and uplifting. The guests are diverse, ranging from Jack White to Busta Rhymes. Described by some as Jazz Rap, Tribe have always been masters of merging funky feel good hip hop with meaningful lyrics and this album is no exception.

The mysterious title of the album was chosen by Phife Dawg who tragically passed away a few months after the album was finished and few months before it’s release. The remaining members did not understand the meaning of the title and kept it anyway. Tribe’s Jarobi White said, “Doing this album killed him. And he was very happy to go out like that.” Could the title have been a final thank you to fans? Maybe! Also, maybe it just sounded cool. It does sound cool. And so does this album!

So many highlights on this album. The entire first half is pretty flawless especially The Space Program, We The People, Solid Wall of Sound & Dis Generation. The second half seems to lose focus a little and then finds itself with a renewed momentum in the last quarter tying four of the strongest songs together for an intense finish that will leave you wanting more with Movin Backwards, Conrad Tokyo (my current personal fav), Ego and The Donald.

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