Melvins – Houdini (1993) 9.5

Genre: Sludge/Grunge
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Hooch 2:51
2. Night Goat 4:41
3. Lizzy 4:43
4. Going Blind 4:32
5. Honey Bucket 3:01
6. Hag Me 7:06
7. Set Me Straight 2:25
8. Sky Pup 3:50
9. Joan of Arc 3:36
10. Teet 2:51
11. Copache 2:07
12. Pearl Bomb 2:45
13. Spread Eagle Beagle 10:13

The first time you here Houdini you know that it’s a good album. Except, the first time you hear Houdini you haven’t actually heard Houdini yet. It’s one of those albums that hits a little harder each time you re-listen. It’s not that it’s so complicated that you keep hearing new things, it’s that the songs keep getting better and better with age, like a vintage whiskey. Maybe the real illusion that this Houdini plays, is that under all of the slow heavy thickness, the Melvins are just masters at writing catchy songs with a pop sensibility.

Melvins friend and protege, Kurt Cobain, has lots of production cred here including some guitar and percussion until he allegedly got fired for sleeping through most of the sessions and being generally out of control. There’s a cover of KISS’ 1974 song ‘Going Blind’. ‘Joan of Arc’, ‘Lizzy’, ‘Going Blind’ & ‘Capache’ are my personal favs but this entire album is a banger.

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