Rancid – …And Out Come the Wolves (1995) 9.2

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
1. Maxwell Murder 1:25
2. The 11th Hour 2:28
3. Roots Radicals 2:47
4. Time Bomb 2:24
5. Olympia WA. 3:30
6. Lock, Step & Gone 2:25
7. Junkie Man 3:04
8. Listed M.I.A. 2:22
9. Ruby Soho 2:37
10. Daly City Train 3:21
11. Journey to the End of the East Bay 3:11
12. She’s Automatic 1:35
13. Old Friend 2:53
14. Disorder and Disarray 2:49
15. The Wars End 1:53
16. You Don’t Care Nothin’ 2:28
17. As Wicked 2:40
18. Avenues & Alleyways 3:11
19. The Way I Feel 2:34

If you watched MTV in the mid 90’s you’ll remember Time Bomb and Ruby Soho. Both singles had a heavy rotation. One of the heavy hitters in the mid-90’s punk rock revival. The album title is taken from Jim Carroll’s ‘The Basketball Diaries” which proves that Rancid can read and is a reference to the bidding war that the major labels were having over the band at the time. Ska-influenced Rancid always stood apart from many of their contemporaries. They were just a little heavier and a little edgier and in the mid 90’s seemed to have a clear vision of what they were trying to achieve. They decided to stay on independent giant Epitaph Records and recorded this underground punk rock gem. Unpretentious and fun, it’s got all the ingredients of a perfect Rancid album including a little ska, gang vocals and an unrelenting tempo. You can breathe when the album is done.

Also check out this cool artwork.
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