Flight Distance – High Priests of Low-Life (2014) 9.4

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 9.4

Track List:
1. Walther PPK 03:55
2. And They Hide Their Eyes ft. D-Sisive 04:12
3. Anti-Anthem of the Deadbeat 03:46
4. Cyborgs on the Moon ft. Escrol and Whitney Delion 04:39
5. High Bias/Unstuck in Whatever 03:54
6. Gold Cartridge To Purple Tape 05:07
7. Volcano Dust Interlude 01:26
8. Briefcases 03:32
9. Looneys ft. Buck N’ Nice and Zeebot 04:18
10. Bottom of the Ocean ft. Whitney Delion 03:10
11. A-Alike B-Alike 02:35
12. Tree of Smoke 02:36
13. Imaginary Friends 02:48
14. Carambola, or Rome Was Built In A Day 03:55
15. Same Shit, Different Year 02:52
16. Three-Headed Dog Interlude 02:00
17. Worth ft. Theology 3 and Whitney Delion 04:30
18. Wrath of the Siamese-Skull King Outro 03:41

Quality hip hop from Ottawa, Canada. Clever lyrics and intricately crafted beats makes this album a pleasure to listen to. The lyrical interplay between Bender (who tragically passed away this year) and Patience is skillful and natural.

I first heard these guys when they played Bluesfest a few years back. I purchased the CD off of Bandcamp and they forgot to send it to me. As an apology, they hand delivered it along with the entire back catalog. What a stand up move.

The entire album is worth a listen. Some highlights include the nostalgic walk through Nintendo games to old school hip-hop for 90’s kids in ‘Gold Cartridge to Purple Tapes’ all of the tracks featuring the talented singing of Whitney Delion, the strong opener ‘Walther PPK’ and ‘And They Hid Their Eyes’ and the ode to great writers in ‘Carambola, or Rome Was Built In A Day’. Oh, and also ‘Anti Anthem of the Deadbeat’ is an introspective exploration of the complicated contradictions of human existence. Fuck, I could list almost every track as a highlight. Check it out and support here.

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