MGMT – Oracular Spectacular (2007) 11

Genre: Psychedelic Pop
Rating: 11

Track List:
1. “Time to Pretend” 4:21
2. “Weekend Wars” 4:12
3. “The Youth” 3:48
4. “Electric Feel” 3:49
5. “Kids” 5:02
6. “4th Dimensional Transition” 3:58
7. “Pieces of What” 2:43
8. “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” 4:46
9. “The Handshake” 3:39
10. “Future Reflections” 4:00

Dance pop for jaded youth. The soundtrack to a dystopian lost generation set somewhere in between Lord of the Flies, Clockwork Orange and Kids (1995 film). Ten years after it’s release this sleeper hit from 2007 still seems as fresh and original as it did in 2008. Listen to this album as whole. It takes a turn from the noticeably dance-y psychedelia to a darker space rock feel in the second half. Fav tracks: All of them. First half for a party, second half for the end of a party.

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