Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food (2018) 7.8

Genre: Psychedelic
Rating: 7.8

Track List:
1. A God Called Hubris 00:41
2. Major League Chemicals 03:53
3. Ministry of Alienation 03:42
4. Hunnybee 04:28
5. Chronos Feasts on His Children 01:41
6. American Guilt 04:33
7. The Internet of Love (That Way) 04:56
8. Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays 04:14
9. This Doomsday 03:31
10. How Many Zeros 03:25
11. Not in Love We’re Just High 03:37
12. If You’re Going to Break Yourself 04:37

A modern homage to the many forgotten, strange and psychedelic records, discarded in bargain bins, church basements and yard sale milk crates across North America. Waiting to be discovered by eager fingers and devoured by hungry ears generations after fading into obscurity. Favourite tracks: Major League Chemicals & Not in Love We’re Just High. Support here.

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