The Flaming Lips – Hear It Is (1986) 8

Genre: Post-Punk
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. “With You” 3:39
2. “Unplugged” 2:14
3. “Trains, Brains & Rain” 3:39
4. “Jesus Shootin’ Heroin” 7:21
5. “Just Like Before” 3:22
6. “She Is Death” 4:04
7. “Charlie Manson Blues” 4:22
8. “Man from Pakistan” 3:59
9. “Godzilla Flick” 4:05
10. “Staring at Sound/With You (Reprise)” 5:08
11. “Summertime Blues” (On some editions) 2:30
12. “Bag Full of Thoughts” (On “Pink Dust” edition) 5:38
13. “Out for a Walk” (On “Pink Dust” edition) 3:20
14. “Garden of Eyes/Forever Is a Long Time” (On “Pink Dust” edition) 5:27
15. “Scratching the Door” (On “Pink Dust” edition) 7:09
16. “My Own Planet” (On “Pink Dust” edition) 4:12

This is the first full length album by The Flaming Lips. With deep roots into the American 80’s underground, it finds the Lips at their most straightforward and rock n roll. Far removed from modern Lips albums, yet you can hear some traces of their modern sounds and themes in songs like ‘Godzilla Flick’ and ‘She is Death’.

It’s good to have goals: In the song ‘Staring at Sound’ Wayne sings “I want to be a movie-star, And play the part of a man from outer-space.” He actually did this on the the full length science-fiction Flaming Lips film, “Christmas on Mars” where he played ‘The Alien Super-Being’ 15 years after this album was released.

Fav tracks: The slow builder ‘With You’ (including it’s reprisal), the jangly rocker ‘Trains, Brains & Rain’, & ‘Godzilla Flick’.

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