King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana (2017) 7.7

Genre: Experimental Rock
Rating: 7.7

Track List:
1. Rattlesnake 07:48
2. Melting 05:27
3. Open Water 07:13
4. Sleep Drifter 04:44
5. Billabong Valley 03:34
6. Anoxia 03:04
7. Doom City 03:14
8. Nuclear Fusion 04:15
9. Flying Microtonal Banana 02:34

This is the first of five albums released in 2017. That’s right, five full length albums!

The King Gizzard are nothing if not ambitious. Subtitled “Explorations into Microtonal Tuning, Volume 1”, the album is recorded in quarter tone tuning, where an octave is divided into 24 (logarithmically) equal-distanced quarter tones. Achieved by altering and modding their instruments usually by adding extra frets in between the already existing frets to create microtonal guitars and bass. They also added a microtonal harmonica (is this a real thing?) and a zurna.

The experiment is a success and the effect is a typically anarchistic Lizard Wizard album mashed up with the hypnotizing effect an Indian snake charmers music. I look forward to the return of the Flying Microtonal Banana.

Fav track: Billabong Valley.

Check it out and support here.

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