Jean Grae x Quelle Chris – Everything’s Fine (2018) 8.1

Genre: Jazz Rap
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. “Everything’s Fine” 1:07
2. “My Contribution to This Scam” 4:42
3. “Ohsh” (featuring Hannibal Buress) 4:31
4. “House Call” (featuring Big Tone, Anna Wise & Jonathan Hoard) 3:17
5. “Don’t Worry It’s Fine” (featuring John Hodgman & Michael Che) 0:50
6. “Gold Purple Orange” 5:00
7. “Peacock” 3:16
8. “Doing Better Than Ever” (featuring Ashok Kondabolu) 2:07
9. “The Smoking Man” (featuring Denmark Vessey) 3:53
10. “Breakfast of Champions” 3:14
11. “Scoop of Dirt” (featuring Your Old Droog) 4:03
12. “Zero” 4:45
13. “Everything’s Still Fine” (featuring Nick Offerman) 2:12
14. “Waiting for the Moon” (featuring Mosel & Anna Wise) 5:29
15. “River” (featuring Anna Wise) 6:56

On Everything’s Fine, Jean Grae pairs up with fiance Quelle Chris to deliver one of the more interesting hip hop albums of the year. The entire thing is one big satirical joke on the empty state of contemporary communication. ‘Everything’s fine’ is the safe answer and it is repeated throughout the album as the duo riffs on what it takes to stay balanced when faced with the intensely difficult personal struggles of daily life and the anxiety provoking barrage of news from an insane exploitative world that seems about to self-destruct at any moment. Jam packed with elaborate and complicated vocal arrangements that deliver comical takes on shallow hip hop and “woke” culture as well as unfiltered snapshots of everyday people surviving the absurdity of life.

Optimism is cliche. Everything is fine.

Favourite Tracks: “Gold Purple Orange”, “Ohsh” & “Everything’s Still Fine”

Check it out and support here.

Enjoy music.

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