Miles Kane – Coup De Grace (2018) 7.5

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 7.5

Track List
1. “Too Little Too Late” 2:36
2. “Cry On My Guitar” 3:42
3. “Loaded” 3:18
4. “Cold Light of Day” 2:10
5. “Killing the Joke” 3:17
6. “Coup de Grace” 3:55
7. “Silverscreen” 2:19
8. “Wrong Side of Life” 3:42
9. “Something to Rely On” 3:20
10. “Shavambacu” 3:34

Interesting glam rocky album reminiscent of Marc Bolan.

Favourite Tracks: “Cry on my Guitar” “Cold light of the Day” “Shavambacu”

Check it out and support wherever you listen to music.

Enjoy music.

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