KEN Mode – Loved (2018) 7.7

Genre: Noise
Rating: 7.7

Track List:
1. Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should 02:51
2. The Illusion Of Dignity 04:43
3. Feathers & Lips 02:30
4. Learning To Be Too Cold 03:08
5. Not Soulmates 02:46
6. Very Small Men 02:32
7. This Is A Love Test 04:38
8. Fractures In Adults 03:48
9. No Gentle Art 08:29

Audibly dystopian; a sonically viscous assault on the ears. Loved provides little air for listeners to catch their breath and when they do it comes in the form a jazz saxophone that is set beautifully contrasting the fury. This is not easy listening. This is not gentle art.

Favourite tracks” “The Illusion of Dignity” & “The Is A Love Test”

Check it out and support here.

Enjoy music.

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