deM atlaS – Bad Actress (2018) 8

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 8

Track List:
1. Tomorrow Party 03:41
2. Never Belonged 03:56
3. Early Train 04:12
4. Gratitude 04:37
5. Bad Loves Company 03:53
6. Never Knows Best 04:15
7. Pneumonia 04:01
8. Music Man 04:19
9. Ronnie 04:52
10. Let Down 04:35
11. Burn Out 04:08
12. Runnin’ Back 03:36
13. Born Yesterday 04:29
14. Can It Fall 03:43
15. Gotta Get Ova 04:34

Bad Actress, a winding road mapped through a diverse musical atlas of genres. Stunning beats and strong vocals create the map for deM’s emotionally unguarded and occasionally absurd lyrical content to meander through. You really get the sense that this is music as therapy. A sonic sanctuary to escape private horrors.

Favourite Tracks: “Gratitude” & “Pneumonia”

Watch the visual EP here.

Check it out and support here.

Enjoy music.

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