Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt (2018) 7.7

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rating: 7.7

Track List:
1. “A Perfect Miracle” 4:46
2. “I’m Your Man” 4:28
3. “Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go” 4:41
4. “Let’s Dance” 5:11
5. “On the Sunshine” 5:00
6. “Damaged” 4:57
7. “The Morning After” 7:42
8. “The Prize” 5:24
9. “Sail on Through” 6:00

An album that sounds as if transcends time. On it’s best songs, it sounds both new and old; both classic and current. If I had heard it without the knowledge that it had been released this past year, I could not have been able to place it. It is the culmination of a  lifetime of writing music in various bands and sports some of the cleanest sounding production of our time.

Favourite tracks: “I’m Your Man”, “Here It Comes” & “The Morning After”.

Support and enjoy!

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