Kurt Vile – Bottle It In (2018) 10

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. “Loading Zones” 3:23
2. “Hysteria” 5:22
3. “Yeah Bones” 4:44
4. “Bassackwards” 9:46
5. “One Trick Ponies” 5:21
6. “Rollin with the Flow” 2:59
7. “Check Baby” 7:53
8. “Bottle It In” 10:39
9. “Mutinies” 5:52
10. “Come Again” 5:44
11. “Cold Was the Wind” 4:51
12. “Skinny Mini” 10:26
13. “(Bottle Back)” 1:38

Vile is back with ‘Bottle It In’, his most realized full length album of laid-back slacker folk-rock complete with playful wit, well written deliberate lyrical nonsense, psychedelic stream of consciousness and trance inducing repetition. And it all drifts formlessly together like the patchwork of an early morning dream state.

Favourite Tracks: “Rollin With The Flow”, “Loading Zones” & “Check Baby”

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