Tropical Fuck Storm – A Laughing Death In Meatspace (2018) 9.4

Genre: Experimental
Rating: 9.4

Track List:
1. You Let My Tyres Down 05:41
2. Antimatter Animals 05:14
3. Chameleon Paint 04:29
4. The Future of History 04:24
5. Two Afternoons 04:33
6. Soft Power 05:48
7. Shellfish Toxin 05:35
8. A Laughing Death in Meatspace 05:30
9. Rubber Bullies 06:00

It’s industrial funk for the apocalypse. It’s a bitter scathing report of the end of times. With the chaos front and center, it’s frightening, frantic and fun as fuck.

Favourite Tracks: ‘You Let My Tyres Down’, ‘Chameleon Paint’ & ‘Rubber Bullies’

Sample and support here.


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