Amen Dunes – Freedom (2018) 10

Genre: Psychedelic Folk
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. “Intro” 0:50
2. “Blue Rose” 4:06
3. “Time” 4:50
4. “Skipping School” 5:28
5. “Calling Paul the Suffering” 3:01
6. “Miki Dora” 5:03
7. “Satudarah” 2:43
8. “Believe” 5:46
9. “Dracula” 4:16
10. “Freedom” 5:00
11. “L.A.” 6:03

Like a slow burning Bruce Springsteen for the confused hard-living underclass of the new generation.

Amen Dunes uses a cast of unlikely characters, including father, mother, Amen Dunes, teenage glue addicts and their drug dealer from Paris, ghosts above the plains, fallen surf heroes, vampires, thugs from Naples, thugs from Houston, the emperor of Rome, Jews, Jesus, Tashtego, Perseus, and even Damon McMahon himself, to explore such existential dilemmas such family lineage, masculinity, mortality, spirituality, and the general fog of living life.

‘Freedom’ is burning questions of life set within deep grooves of synthesizer and echoey guitar.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Mika Dora’, ‘Skipping School’ & ‘Calling Paul the Suffering’

Sample here.

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