IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance. (2018) 10.8

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 10.8

Track List:
1. “Colossus” 5:39
2. “Never Fight a Man with a Perm” 3:48
3. “I’m Scum” 3:09
4. “Danny Nedelko” 3:24
5. “Love Song” 3:05
6. “June” 3:35
7. “Samaritans” 3:30
8. “Television” 3:12
9. “Great” 2:44
10. “Gram Rock” 2:29
11. “Cry to Me” (Solomon Burke cover) 2:14
12. “Rottweiler” 5:25

Important, empathetic, searing and hopeful in spite of being radically genuine and realistic. This is one of the most raw albums of the year, it’s full of anger and rage, and at the same time it isn’t bleak. You can actually hear a sense of community; a declaration to come together and overcome the oppressions of now. This is the most 2018 album of 2018.

Favourite Tracks: “Danny Nedelko”, “Great” & “Colossus”

Check it out here.

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