Panopticon – the scars of man on the once nameless wildreness I and II (2018) 9.7

Genre: Black Metal / Appalachian Folk
Rating: 9.7

Track List:
1. Watch The Lights Fade 03:46
2. En Hvit Ravns Død 09:38
3. Blåtimen 06:49
4. Sheep in Wolves Clothing 06:52
5. A Ridge Where The Tall Pines Once Stood 03:42
6. En Generell Avsky 06:09
7. The Singing Wilderness 09:47
8. Snow Burdened Branches 11:24
9. The Moss Beneath The Snow 12:16
10. The Wandering Ghost 03:53
11. Four Walls Of Bone 07:53
12. A Cross Abandoned 05:58
13. Beast Rider 04:12
14. Not Much Will Change When I’m Gone 05:00
15. Echoes In The Snow 03:30
16. The Itch 05:15
17. (Cowering) At The Foot Of The Mountain 09:08
18. The Devil Walked The Woods 03:25

One massive 2 hour long double album. The first half is melodic atmospheric black metal and the second half is acoustic folk and country. Both sides are peppered with field recordings of campfires and wilderness birds. It’s like the first side encompasses all of the anger that one can feel seeing the natural world disappear in the name of progress while the second half is the peaceful calm that one feels when they find themselves surrounded by the vast wilderness. Part II is like aftercare for your ears, much like the wilderness is aftercare for ourselves. Pairs well with your end of the world campfire.

Favourite tracks: “Not Much Will Change When I’m Gone”, “En Hvit Ravns Død” “Blåtimen”, “The Wandering Ghost” & “The Itch”.

Sample here.

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