Broken Social Scene – Let’s Try The After Vol. 2 (2019) 7

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 7

Track List:
1. Memory Lover 01:18
2. Can’t Find My Heart 05:09
3. Big Couches 02:53
4. Let’s Try The After 03:35
5. Wrong Line 04:26

The Toronto based collective, Broken Social Scene, may not be as relevant nearly 20 years after their debut release in 2001 but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to offer. In this, the second volume of a pair of EP’s titled “Let’s Try The After”, we find BSS masterly churning out a handful of songs that pull from the various styles of experimental indie rock that they have perfected over the years including baroque pop, dreamy soundscapes, lo-fi croonings & walls of sound. It’s a cathartic experience for any fan.

Favourite tracks: “Can’t Find My Heart” & “Let’s Try The After”

Check it out here.

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