The Offspring – Ixnay On The Hombre (1997) 8.1

Genre: Skate Punk
Rating: 8.1

Track List:
1. “Disclaimer” 0:45
2. “The Meaning of Life” 2:56
3. “Mota” 2:57
4. “Me & My Old Lady” 4:33
5. “Cool to Hate” 2:47
6. “Leave It Behind” 1:58
7. “Gone Away” 4:28
8. “I Choose” 3:54
9. “Intermission” 0:48
10. “All I Want” 1:54
11. “Way Down the Line” 2:36
12. “Don’t Pick It Up” 1:53
13. “Amazed” 4:25
14. “Change the World” 6:23

Plenty of youthful high-speed skate punk, chalked full of rage, humour and arrested development; only hitting the breaks on a few tracks for some made for MTV of the time alternative tracks that would become some of the their biggest songs. This album signaled the change in sound that was to come for The Offspring.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Cool to Hate’, ‘The Meaning of Life’, ‘All I Want’ & ‘Gone Away’

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