Marilyn Manson – Lest We Forget: The Best Of (2004) 8.6

Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8.6

Track List:
1. “The Love Song” (edit) 3:05
2. “Personal Jesus” 4:06
3. “Mobscene” 3:26
4. “The Fight Song” 2:57
5. “Tainted Love” 3:20
6. “The Dope Show” 3:40
7. “This Is the New Shit” 4:20
8. “Disposable Teens” 3:04
9. “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” 4:51
10. “Lunchbox” 4:35
11. “Tourniquet” (extended outro edit) 4:44
12. “Rock Is Dead” 3:09
13. “Get Your Gunn” 3:18
14. “The Nobodies” 3:35
15. “Long Hard Road Out of Hell” 4:21
16. “The Beautiful People” (edit) 3:42
17. “The Reflecting God” 5:36

A collection of Manson’s most empowering anti-anthems for the misfits, freaks and losers who’ve been cast aside from society for stepping out of line.

The overriding message here is that you are the only one that you should want to follow, so fuck the line and anyone who tells you to step into it. Unless, of course, it’s a line for Manson tickets.

Favourite Tracks: ‘The Love Song’, ‘The Beautiful People’, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Disposable Teens’ & ‘The Reflecting God’

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