Steve Gunn – The Unseen In Between (2019) 7.7

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 7.7

Track List:
1. New Moon 05:10
2. Vagabond 05:01
3. Chance 04:25
4. Stonehurst Cowboy 03:41
5. Luciano 05:53
6. New Familiar 05:56
7. Lightning Field 05:00
8. Morning Is Mended 04:00
9. Paranoid 05:15

Smooth, unconcerned, warm and welcoming are the words that first come to mind when hearing The Unseen In Between. Filling a void that exists somewhere between Nick Drake and Neil Young. Gunn leaves lot’s of room for his songs to breath, moving effortlessly from acoustic riffs to psychedelic crescendos. Never in a hurry and never showboating, he presents this newest collection of songs with class and professional polish. In fact, the songs seem so familiar and pristine that they seem to habituate into the environment, inviting the listener to lose themselves in the sound until it’s all over unnoticed, leaving the opportunity to rediscover the rich soundscapes over and over.

Favourite tracks: ‘New Moon’, ‘Lightning Field’ & ‘Paranoid’

Support and sample here.


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