Big Business – The Beast You Are (2019) 10.4

Genre: Sludge Metal
Rating: 10.4

Track List:
1. Abdominal Snowman 03:48
2. Heal the Weak 05:05
3. Complacency Is Killing You 00:36
4. Bright Grey 03:25
5. Time and Heat 05:05
6. The Moor You Know 04:52
7. People Behave 04:27
8. We Can Swarm 00:44
9. El Pollo 03:03
10. We’ll Take the Good Package 00:24
11. Last Family 04:11
12. Under Everest 03:25
13. Let Them Grind 04:49

Big B are back with their instantly recognizable brand of thick sludge groove metal. Big bass, big vocals and big beats; this is Big Business doing what they do.

Favourite tracks: ‘People Behave’, Abdominal Snowman’, ‘Heal the Weak’ & ‘Time and Heat’

Sample and support here.


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