Deca & Neon Brown – The Donner Party (2019) 10

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Donner Bell 02:45
2. Beauty’s Her Name Ft. Pute 02:41
3. War Games 02:49
4. Zick? 02:12
5. Here We Are 01:05
6. Charlie’s Fix 03:38
7. Wendigo 03:12
8. Prisonnier 01:30

Deca teams up with Neon Brown on this short project named after a stranded group of American pioneers that cannibalized their own family members. With enough skill and finesse one can make art that highlights the beauty in the macabre and that is just what Deca and Neon Brown do here. Intricate boom bap beats and playfully relevant samples set the scene for complex conscious lyrics about existential human hardships and culturally on-point social struggles.

Favourite tracks: ‘War Games’ & ‘Wendigo’.

Support and sample here.


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