Main Street Revival – Main St Revival (2019) 9.5

Genre: Roots Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Night Rider 03:47
2. I Wouldn’t Worry 03:42
3. Shot in the Dark 03:14
4. Riding the Waves 03:49
5. Rescue Me 03:01
6. Wild One 04:03
7. Time Is a Prisoner 03:28
8. Baby Games 02:43
9. Release Me 03:45
10. Teenage Love 03:28

Good revival music can go one of two ways. It can recreate the style of music, leaving the listener feeling like they’ve heard the song before. Good, but not original. Or, it can recapture the essence that led to the creation of a certain style of music and wield it to create original songs that can fill a nostalgic void in the listeners heart. Somehow, Main Street Revival have achieved the latter.

It’s an honest album of new music that’s big, bright and bursting with the energy of mid 90’s roots rockers like Hootie & the Blowfish, Counting Crows, Barenaked Ladies &  The Wallflowers. It’s been a long time since any band, including the aforementioned legends, have been able recreate the magic that led to some of the bestselling albums of all time. Hopefully someone will take notice because M.S.R. is here to reinvigorate more than just small town streets, they are primed to breath new life into a sleeping genre.

The perfect antidote for the disappointment that one feels after listening to Hootie’s 2019 album.

Favourite tracks: ‘Night Rider’, I Woudn’t Worry’, ‘Shot in the Dark’ & ‘Time is a Prisoner’.

Support and sample here.


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