A Tribe Called Red – The OG (feat. Black bear) (2019) 10

Genre: Electronic/Traditional
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. The OG (feat. Black Bear) 3:28

A Tribe Called Red return with a new single, The OG, featuring a powerful speech made in Canadian Parliament by Romeo Saganash that calls out Prime Minister Trudeau. The speech finds a new home set against traditional chanting mixed with The Tribe’s trademark electronic beats as oppose to the dead-eyed stares, claps and gasps of our nations jaded politicians.

It would be impossible to overstate the impact that @romeosaganash’s words had on the Indigenous world and on us personally. We feel that the stand he took that day in parliament needs to be remembered, memorialized and commemorated. This is a celebration of that moment. Romeo, the #HalluciNation salutes you ✊

Why doesn’t the prime minister just say the truth, and tell the Indigenous people that he doesn’t give a fuck about their rights” – Romeo Saganash

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