Low Dose – Low Dose (2019) 8.5

Genre: Grunge Punk
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. Low 04:08
2. Right On 03:22
3. For Sure 03:15
4. Start Over 03:43
5. Away 03:14
6. Sinking 02:36
7. Otherworldly Motives 04:53
8. Song 12 01:17
9. Not Break Skin 03:59
10. Legendary Divorce 05:04

Legendary Divorce’s Itarya Rosenberg teams up with members of Fight Amp to form Low Dose. Throat-shredding vocals and punk inspired heavy grunge. This self-titled debut places Low Dose in good company with the likes of The Distillers, Hole and L7.

Prerequisite listening should include: L7’s ‘Shitlist‘, Hole’s ‘Jennifer’s Body‘ & The Distillers’ ‘Die on a Rope‘.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Low’, ‘Right On’, & ‘For Sure’.

Support and sample here.


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