Piranha Rama – You’ve Earned It (2019) 8.5

Genre: Rock n Roll
Rating: 8.5

Track List:
1. American Sin II 04:18
2. Hours Alone 03:08
3. Black Hole, Bad Roll 04:02
4. Long Game 03:32
5. Brenda (Breakdown) 04:51
6. Cheat Sheet 05:10
7. Lights Out, Malibu Stakeout 04:26

Vibrant soul music, psychedelic rock n roll, 60’s style surf guitar, and a standout brass section packaged together with enough glamour, shine and moody blues to feed a piranha pool.  When this music bites you, you’re gonna move!

Favourite tracks: ‘Hours Alone’ & ‘Black Hole, Bad Roll’

Support and sample here.


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