Orville Peck – Pony (2019) 10

Genre: Country
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Dead of Night 03:59
2. Winds Change 02:59
3. Turn to Hate 04:56
4. Buffalo Run 03:38
5. Queen of the Rodeo 03:17
6. Kansas (Remembers Me Now) 03:35
7. Old River 01:01
8. Big Sky 03:32
9. Roses Are Falling 03:05
10. Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call) 03:27
11. Hope to Die 04:29
12. Nothing Fades Like the Light 03:47

Psychedelic crooner, Orville Peck, lulls listeners into a rockabilly trance with his velvety smooth voice and a thick as molasses country twang. It’s as if a spiritual successor of both Elvis and Johnny Cash’s vocal styles were backed by The Velvet Underground band. This is outlaw country re-invented and re-invigorated and primed to challenge the stereotypes and tropes of country music.

Favourite tracks: ‘Dead of Night’, ‘Turn to Hate’, ‘Buffalo Run’ & ‘Kansas’

Support and sample here.


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