Purple Mountains – Purple Mountains (2019) 9.5

Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. That’s Just the Way That I Feel 03:23
2. All My Happiness is Gone 04:20
3. Darkness and Cold 03:58
4. Snow is Falling in Manhattan 06:03
5. Margaritas at the Mall 03:54
6. She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger 04:11
7. I Loved Being My Mother’s Son 04:20
8. Nights That Won’t Happen 06:08
9. Storyline Fever 04:46
10. Maybe I’m the Only One For Me 03:18

Sad, catchy & masterful. Executed with precision, these ten concise pop hits pack a punch that hits right in the gut. Purple Mountains is David Berman’s swan song and what an incredible album to be remembered by.

Favourite Tracks: ‘That’s Just the Way That I Feel’, ‘All My Happiness is Gone’ & ‘Margaritas at the Mall’.

Support and sample here.


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