Arthur Russell – Iowa Dream (2019) 8.9

Genre: Art Rock
Rating: 8.9

Track list:
1. Wonder Boy 02:27
2. I Never Get Lonesome 02:17
3. Everybody Everybody 02:47
4. You Did It Yourself 03:06
5. Come To Life 04:47
6. Iowa Dream 03:35
7. Words Of Love 03:00
8. I Still Love You 03:53
9. You Are My Love 03:05
10. Barefoot In New York 05:33
11. Just Regular People 04:03
12. I Wish I Had A Brother 02:11
13. I Felt 03:26
14. The Dogs Outside Are Barking 03:05
15. Sharper Eyes 02:47
16. Follow You 02:47
17. List Of Boys 02:52
18. I Kissed The Girl From Outer Space 03:33
19. In Love With You For The Last Time 02:53

This posthumous collection of demos, home recordings, unreleased songs, and unfinished gems find Russell exploring the absurdity of life, the mundaneness of life, the absurdity of the mundane and everything that lies in between.

Favourite tracks: ‘I Never Get Lonesome’, ‘You Did It Yourself’, ‘Come To Life’ & ‘Iowa Dream’, ‘I Still Love You’, ‘The Dogs Outside Are Barking’ & ‘I Wish I Had A Brother’. Oh and ‘Barefoot In New York’ too!

Support and sample here.

Enjoy music.

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