Volcano – The Island (2019) 9.5

Genre: Pirate Funk
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Naked Prey 05:14
2. The Island 05:39
3. No Evil, Know Demon 09:45
4. Eruption 01:06
5. Skewered 08:53
6. 10,000 Screamin Souls 06:34

“Will we live in harmony with the beast?” Yes Volcano, I think we will.

Members of Joy, Harsh Toke and Loom join forces in Volcano to create the soundtrack to a nightmarish pirate party deep in some Caribbean jungle. Mayhem and madness and fiery funk run deep into this rhythmic sweaty dance party of an album.

Favourite tracks: ‘Naked Prey’ & ‘10,000 Screamin Souls’

Support and sample here.


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