Monolord – No Comfort (2019) 10

Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. The Bastard Son 09:26
2. The Last Leaf 05:14
3. Larvae 09:38
4. Skywards 06:55
5. Alone Together 04:58
6. No Comfort 10:54

There may only be six songs, but No Comfort is big in sound, scope and effort. A sprawling soundscape that is as sonically layered and emotionally rich as any in the sludge, stoner, psych or doom camps. It’s haunting melodies and building tensions lead to the freedom that one can only find by pushing past the boundary of dread that is closing in on us all.

Favourite tracks: ‘The Bastard Son’, ‘The Last Leaf’, ‘Larvae’ ‘Skywards’, ‘Alone Together’ & ‘No Comfort’…. I can’t choose.

Support and sample here.


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