Mdou Moctar – Ilana: The Creator (2019) 10

Genre: Tuareg Style Blues Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Kamane Tarhanin 05:08
2. Asshet Akal 04:50
3. Inizgam 01:24
4. Anna 04:32
5. Takamba 02:49
6. Tarhatazed 07:27
7. Wiwasharnine 03:37
8. Ilana 04:45
9. Tumastin 04:21

Psych-tinged blues rock from Nigerian-Tuareg musician Mdou Moctar. It’s electrified, frenetic guitar rock that fully embraces and enters into trance through repetition and hypnotic singing in his native language, Tamashek.

Favourite tracks: ‘Anna’, ‘Tarhatazed’ & ‘Wiwasharnine’

Support and sample here.


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