The Mountain Goats – In League with Dragons (2019) 10

Genre: Dragon Noir
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Done Bleeding 04:37
2. Younger 05:52
3. Passaic 1975 03:54
4. Clemency for the Wizard King 02:46
5. Possum by Night 02:59
6. In League with Dragons 03:11
7. Doc Gooden 04:18
8. Going Invisible 2 03:05
9. Waylon Jennings Live! 03:15
10. Cadaver Sniffing Dog 03:54
11. An Antidote for Strychnine 06:03
12. Sicilian Crest 04:21

A Noir inspired rock opera about Riversend, a fictional seaside community in a Dungeons and Dragons game. Riversend is in trouble and an aged wizard, low on magic and destined to fail, is attempting to save his people from an onslaught by sea while simultaneously existing in our world, attending American League pitching tryouts way past his prime, watching a country concert at a Midwestern casino, and partaking in other earthly activities for a failing wizard. It’s a patchwork of ideas and it sounds great.

Favourite tracks: ‘Waylon Jennings Live!’, ‘Younger’ & ‘Going Invisible 2’

Support and sample here.


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