Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember – Infinity Forms Of Yellow Remember (2019) 10

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Strange Flotsam On The Rising Tide 03:03
2. Sub-Sonic Dreamer 09:31
3. Surely They Knew 05:42
4. Great Vibrating Season 16:51
5. Walk With The King 12:37
6. From The One Comes The Many 04:26
7. Sun God Grave Goods 14:30

Not afraid to really settle into the groove, the self-titled debut release by Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember is a massive double LP consisting of only seven long tracks. Retro-pop psychedelia featuring layers of endless fuzz that, like sea foam dancing upon the swirling, writhing, crashing waves of the restless ocean, is mesmerizing in it’s state of perpetual flux.

Favourite tracks: ‘Surely They Knew’ & ‘Great Vibrating Season’

Support and sample here.


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