King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Chunky Shrapnel (2020) 7.4

Genre: Live
Rating: 7.4

Track List:
1. Evil Star 02:09
2. The River (Live in Luxembourg ’19) 09:38
3. Wah Wah (live in Madrid ’19) 03:24
4. Road Train (live in Manchester ’19) 03:39
5. Murder of the Universe (live in Utrecht ’19) 05:04
6. Quarantine 02:00
7. Planet B (live in London ’19) 06:02
8. Parking (live in Brussels ’19) 02:02
9. Venusian 2 (live in Milan ’19) 03:11
10. Hell (live in Milan ’19) 03:37
11. Let Me Mend The Past (live in Madrid ’19) 02:58
12. Anamnesis 03:10
13. Inner Cell (live in Utrecht ’19) 03:49
14. Loyalty (live in Utrecht ’19) 03:52
15. Horology (live in Utrecht ’19) 02:35
16. A Brief History of Planet Earth (live in London, Berlin, Utrecht and Barcelona ’19) 19:03

Experimental live album and soundtrack to the feature length concert film of the same name. Chunky Shrapnel is pieced together from a series of live shows recorded in 2019, soundchecks and some quirky instrumental interludes. Showcasing all of the Gizz’ live energy, presence and ambition to push the limits of what is expected from a rock band into the extreme territory only inhabited by the King and his Lizard Wizards.

There is a drum solo (expected from a rock n roll concert film), they play with duel drummers (Gizz territory). They play some hits, a bunch of material from their most recent album and some lesser known gems (expected concert film territory). They play a 20 minute song recorded across four cities titled ‘A Brief History of Planet Earth’ that starts as ‘Rattlesnake’ and ends in outer space (Lizz Wizz territory).

Favourite tracks: ‘Road Train’, ‘Murder The Universe’, ‘Let Me Mend The Past’ & ‘A Brief History of Planet Earth’

Watch the feature length concert film here.

Support and sample here.


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