Danny Denial – Fuck Danny Denial (2020) 10.2

Genre: Goth Pop
Rating: 10.2

Track List
1. Mercer summit block party/Brand new skirt 05:22
2. Am i cool enough for your love 04:16
3. I’m not your type (Feat. DoNormaal) 04:08
4. Scorpio eyes 04:08
5. Conditioner 04:14
7. Everything is terrible 03:26
8. White tears fake queers (Feat. Rat Queen, Dirty Dirty, Slow Elk & Razor Clam) 02:54
9. Totally fucked up (Feat. Eva Walker) 03:41
10. You don’t want me 04:34

Fuck Danny Denial is a dark pop masterpiece. On his third record Danny bends grunge and industrial goth rock with R&B, hip hop and electronic production. Thematically tackling anxiety, feeling alone, LGBTQ culture and outsider culture. Danny isn’t exactly spreading joy on this album. And, that is okay because if you are a person who has ever been singled out for being different you will feel a sense of validation and connection to Danny’s message. I think that message can be summed up as “Everything is terrible, but you, you are beautiful”.

Favourite tracks: ‘Everything is terrible’, ‘Mercer summit block party/Brand new skirt’ & ‘White tears fake queers’

Watch Danny’s trippy short film titled CONDiTiONER.

Support and sample here.


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