NYSSA – Girls Like Me (2020) 9.2

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 9.2

Track List:
1. Hey Jackie 04:04
2. Go Away Evil 03:20
3. Bye Bye Jubilee 03:26
4. Misty Morning 04:58
5. anybodys 03:52
6. The Swans 02:53
7. Greenback Dollar Revisited 02:57
8. I Don’t Wanna Live On The Moon (Without U) 03:22
9. Full Of Love 04:02
10. 1GIRL 03:50

If you combine the raw power folk punk of Patti Smith, the Americana story telling of Bruce Springsteen and a modern pop sensibility you get Nyssa’s new album, Girls Like Me.

Favourite tracks: ‘Hey Jackie’, ‘Go Away Evil’ & ‘The Swans’

Support and sample here.


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