Nathaniel Rateliff – Willie’s Birthday Song (2020) 10

Genre: Folk, Country
Rating: 10

Track List:
1. Willie’s Birthday Song 3:50

This is a song we wrote for a good friend of ours. We all think he did a lot of us, a lot of the world. Hope you enjoy it. We’d love for you to sing along. Pass me that joint, it’s Willie’s birthday. Wipe away all of your tears. Well, the world’s gone crazy, but we still got Willie and all the good things he’s done for us here….

Truer words could not have been sung. This song was released in April of 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 world pandemic.

The world’s gone crazy, but we still got Willie.

Who turned 87 this year and we are blessed that he is still with us. The same can’t be said for all of Nathaniel’s hero’s. The first Marigold Singles released back in 2019 featured Nathaniel covering two songs by John Prine. For one of those songs, Sam Stone, Nathaniel was accompanied by Prine, the legend himself. Sadly, John Prine passed away from COVID-19 on April 7th, just 17 days before Willie’s Birthday Song was released.

It’s now February of 2020, well passed Willie’s birthday and I can’t get this song out of my head. We are still in the midst of the pandemic and the world seems crazier than ever.

…but we still god Willie, and all the good things he’s done for us here.

This release is part of Nathaniel’s Marigold Singles, Willie’s Birthday Song, as well as the rest of the singles seem to be musical love letters to Nathaniel’s hero’s. This one, to me, stands as more than just a tribute to Willie Nelson, it is a reminder that the music we love can shelter us from the craziness of the world. So when things seem to scary to imagine, remember you can shelter the storm in the melodies you love.

So, thanks Willie. Thanks Nathaniel.

Oh, and happy belated Willie!

Pass me that joint it’s Willie’s birthday. Wipe away all of your tears.

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