Krief – Chemical Trance (2020) 11

Genre: Rock
Rating: 11

Track List:
1. I Am The Pillar Of Darkness In Your Life 03:02
2. I Love You Just The Same 02:42
3. Man About Lies 02:59
4. Line Stepper 04:39
5. Chemical Trance 04:23
6. Svengali 03:12
7. One Up Two Down 02:41
8. The Light Between Your Eyes 06:21
9. Never Without You 02:56
10. Gyp Million Star 00:52

Krief’s Chemical Trance falls somewhere between the psychedelic era of the Beatles and Radiohead without ripping off either of the before mentioned bands. Krief carves out his own space with some trippy, psychedelic, trance inducing vibes.

Favourite tracks: ‘Line Stepper’, ‘The Light Between Your Eyes’ & ‘Never Without You’

Support and sample here.


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