The Mountain Goats – Getting Into Knives (2020) 7.3

Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 7.3

Track List:
1. Corsican Mastiff Stride 02:20
2. Get Famous 03:19
3. Picture of My Dress 04:20
4. As Many Candles As Possible 03:24
5. Tidal Wave 05:25
6. Pez Dorado 04:56
7. The Last Place I Saw You Alive 04:40
8. Bell Swamp Connection 05:50
9. The Great Gold Sheep 05:03
10. Rat Queen 04:09
11. Wolf Count 03:49
12. Harbor Me 04:07
13. Getting Into Knives 05:14

This is the third Mountain Goats album in just 18 months. Maybe the pandemic has freed up time for the band to record more or maybe they have a hit a creative high. Regardless, it’s great news Mountain Goats fans. The story telling that is at the heart of this album (and really at the heart of all Mountain Goats albums) really fits the slow life that most people have been experiencing throughout 2020. Each song is like reading a mini novella, yet unlike other musicians known for storytelling, the Mountain Goats are not overly wordy and their songs are structured and concise in brevity. Curl up on the couch and allow yourself to get lost in these songs. You’ve got the time.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Get Famous’, ‘As Many Candles As Possible’, ‘Rat Queen’ & ‘Corsican Mastiff Stride’

Support and sample here.


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