Sturgill Simpson – Cuttin’ Grass – Vol. 1 (The Butcher Shoppe Sessions) (2020) 7.2

Genre: Bluegrass
Rating: 7.2

Track List:
1. All Around You 03:09
2. All The Pretty Colors 02:18
3. Breakers Roar 02:29
4. I Don’t Mind 04:29
5. I Wonder 03:14
6. Just Let Go 03:02
7. Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean 02:00
8. A Little Light 01:44
9. Life of Sin 02:17
10. Long White Line 02:21
11. Living the Dream 02:30
12. Old King Coal 02:52
13. Railroad of Sin 02:12
14. Sitting Here Without You 01:55
15. Sometimes Wine 03:55
16. The Storm 02:31
17. Time After All 02:14
18. Turtles All the Way Down 02:18
19. Voices 03:37
20. Water in a Well 03:46

Sturgill Simpson, never one to do what is expected of him, surprises fans with Vol. 1 of Cuttin’ Grass. He joins a cast of bluegrass musicians to rework songs that span most of his career including songs from his little known early country/rock band Sunday Valley. Of course, it works because Simpson can make anything work. No matter if he is working with traditional country sounds, psychedelic inspired country, funky horn sections or the electrified country rock of his most recent full length of new material, Sound & Fury, he is able to make it work and reach out to a wider audience than most musicians would be able to reach. The eclectic sounds that he has collected over the course of his career is part of his charm.

Favourite Tracks: ‘All Around You’, ‘Breakers Roar’, ‘Just Let Go’, ‘Living The Dream’ & ‘Turtles All the Way Down’

Support and sample here.


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