Dogleg – Melee (2020) 9.5

Genre: Post-Hardcore
Rating: 9.5

Track List:
1. Kawasaki Backflip 02:24
2. Bueno 02:56
3. Prom Hell 04:21
4. Fox 02:50
5. Headfirst 03:44
6. Hotlines 03:21
7. Wartortle 02:56
8. Wrist 03:06
9. Cannonball 03:40
10. Ender 06:20

Walking the line between emo and hardcore with conviction, Melee blends screamed vocals, speedy tempos, a little angst and some slacker magic. A proven formula that sounds both familiar and honest coming from the strangely named Dogleg.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Kawasaki Backflip’, ‘Ender’ & ‘Prom Hell’

Support and sample here.


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