Jonathan Wilson – Dixie Blur (2020) 8.9

Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 8.9

Track List:
1. Just For Love 03:15
2. ’69 Corvette 04:21
3. New Home 03:46
4. So Alive 04:49
5. In Heaven Making Love 02:52
6. Oh Girl 04:57
7. Pirate 03:21
8. Enemies 03:47
9. Fun For The Masses 03:06
10. Platform 03:34
11. Riding The Blinds 04:47
12. El Camino Real 03:05
13. Golden Apples 03:19
14. Korean Tea 06:04

Dixie Blur was cut in only 6 days with a cast of top notch session musicians from Nashville that gives the album an organic feel. It’s Americana music with song arrangements that would have been at home on some of Elton John’s 1970’s era classics. It has this folksy, melancholy sense to it and it sounds like it was recorded sepia tones.

Thematically, there is a lot of nostalgia on this album. It’s almost like each song capturing a snapshot of a memory and the feeling associated with it. Of course, it’s Jonathan Wilson’s memories but it’s never so specific that it has to be his and his only. It’s the feelings that come along with the memories. And so, it’s melancholy in that way that nostalgia always is, and it’s joyful in that way that nostalgia often is.

Favourite Tracks: ‘In Heaven Making Love’, ‘So Alive’, ”69 Corvette’ & ‘Oh Girl’

Support and sample here.


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