Myka 9 & Factor Chandelier – People Into Making Progress (2020) 9.3

Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 9.3

Track List:
1. People Into Making Progress 02:52
2. Fair Weather Friend 03:58
3. She Tells Me 03:32
4. Beta Bap 02:59

Smooth voiced truth speaker, Myka 9 teams up with super producer, Factor Chandelier for People Into Making Progress. Who says protest music can’t make you feel good?

“the PEOPLE INTO MAKING PROGRESS ep is an ode to the struggle past present and future
be it systemic racism and oppression
a friendship that has run its course
a romantic relationship that’s on shakey ground
a current review of events and how hip hop remains a platform for the out spoken on social issues
yet positive and productive in the outlook forward toward better ways and days!
it’s all love!”

– Myka 9 

Favourite Tracks: ‘People into Making Progress’

Support and sample here.


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