Mother’s Children – Lemon LP (2014) 8.3

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 8.3

Track List
1. Gang Is Back 02:38
2. Out of the Dark 02:51
3. Blue Citron Haze 02:19
4. Break It To Me 03:06
5. Helen Mustn’t Know 02:55
6. Not Fair 02:06
7. Talk To Her 02:09
8. Explode 02:37
9. Convince Me 02:37
10. Identical 02:09
11. See The Other Guy 02:40
12. Nobody’s Business 03:02

This is pure unadultered proto-punk rock and roll. Unpretentious and fun as fuck. Like Ottawa’s own New York Dolls. Sometimes new is over-rated. It can get in the way of what you’re music is really trying to achieve, if what you are trying to achieve is a timeless fun-fest. Enjoy (and purchase) here.

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