Neil Young – Peace Trail (2016) 6

Genre: Rock
Rating: 6

Track List:
1. Peace Trail 5:32
2. Can’t Stop Workin’ 2:45
3. Indian Givers 5:41
4. Show Me 4:02
5. Texas Rangers 2:29
6. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders 3:17
7. John Oaks 5:12
8. My Pledge 3:54
9. Glass Accident 2:53
10. My New Robot 2:35

In ‘Can’t Stop Workin” Neil sings “Well I can’t stop working / ‘Cause I like to work / When nothing else is going on / It’s bad for the body / But it’s good for the soul / Might even keep you breathing / When you lose control / Can’t stop working” Nothing can hit more to the truth. Peace trail is Neil’s 37th album and was recorded in only four days. It’s hurried pace doesn’t do much to harm this record. Raw and unencumbered by over-production this album has some songs, such as ‘Peace Trail’ and ‘Can’t Stop Workin”, that can stand alone with some of Neil’s classics. This mostly acoustic album contains some loud raunchy electric solos and some great harmonica as well. Though, it’s the drums that really steal the show here. Recorded really prominently in the mix, it’s like they were meant stand side by side with Neil himself. All together it has a cool and unique sound that works well when it works and doesn’t much help with some of Neil’s strange rambly songs. What is up with that ‘Texas Rangers’ song? Who thought that was a good idea? If you like Neil, you’ll love the best this album has to offer and probably forgive the rest. Enjoy.

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